Now i really hate myself for not back-up all the data while the domain is at Exabytes. Previously this domain is under Exabyte, however since i find a rather good, interesting provider, i hop willingly. Due to no back-up = bye bye all year of post! Anyways..

I gonna talk about log number 8. The Mystical Bali. It was an awesome trip. Enjoy every last second of  it. 5 day and 4 night trip and its mainly because of my mom’s birthday. So we kinda hang up and chill at this small, beautiful island – fyi there a increase rate of rubbish at several beaches as i can see. Hope they will clean that up

We go almost everywhere from the Kuta Beach to the top of  of Kintamani – i think – mountain. Special note, go visit Uluwatu, i think the beach’s scenery here is the best in Bali. Hand. Downs – apart from the dress thou you need to wear to enter this location! There a lot of temple you can go too, but we skip most of it – since my mom dont really like it.

Log 8

One part that i’m really interested in here is the architecture of the building. Most of the building here use this black sand, almost like black clay. Probably due to volcano ashes commonly found here. This sand is mold together to become a brick and eventually the building block for every house and temple seen here. I really really like the natural black colour on the block after they dry –  no need to apply fake  nippon colour anymore! Sadly i don’t have picture to show y’all. Moreover it add an amazing ambient to the surrounding. For example the likelihood for y’all to sleep in the house build by one or two of this brick is next to 100% -seriously. Move on.

Next food. Okay, im not really fond of food. here. at. all. No offense thou. We were taken to dozen of food stall and i dunno certain time the food lack something. – dry, no enough ingredient, – mati aku kutuk bung! But here at least some of the delicacies that i try- which is okay to me – i guess 😀  but in the end i just end up in McD, or Starbuck or Pizza. They cheap and lazat

Log 8 Food

So yeah. There was it. Special thanks to the our supporting driver that drive us almost everywhere. and really appreciate the help he offer us – finding place to stay, where not to buy stuff, where not to give money too – all that sizzle. Thanks again.  Anyway  you can do almost anything in this island without planning really. All you guys need is a car and a local to guide y’all. 😀

If you guys want accommodation detail here as below ( i was told price range from Rp 200,000 to Rp300,000 top! But i really cant find the one with Rp 200,000 there. Probably the recent oil price increase) :-

Our accommodation for first night :- Rp 350,000.00. Location :- Nu’ Pondok Dua.  Just near the Airport. The Taxi driver cheat us! suck big time. (The place is really nice, but slightly far away from main road/town)

Second night :- Rp 300,000.00. Location :- Pesona Beach Inn

Third and until last night :- Rp 350,000.00 Location Mustika Inn (This one is recommended for long stay. The longer you stay the cheapest you get. down to Rp 200,000.00 per night.)

For tour guide, we use the one recommended inside the lowyat forum :- Link here

I think that’s all

Until next time. Signing off.