Why i like korean drama – well not all of them thou, only the historical genre so far . First time acquaintance when one  of the show was aired on 8TV entitle “Jewel In The Palace” or Dae Jang Guem. But i did not watch the first episode thou or follow it, it was in between episodes 10-15 when i accidently watch it. And during that episode, there a lot of girl line up together with the cooking utensil at their disposal, prepaing some royal soup;  which they need to pass it in order to become the Palace Maid. I hooked instantly. Why? the reason is as below.

The Hair [Hairdo and Accesories]

This is the first thing i notice every time i enjoy the series- beside the face of course. Its come with different size and shape. And to think the people at that time, decorate them self like this – is simply awesome! I probably wet myself if i live  the same time with them 😀  The picture above only show the different type of hairdo for royal family which as you can see, for ceremonial the wear the big one during the Joseon Dynasty – Far left. There’e ton of hairdo style for commoners, Slave, Royal kitchen, Royal pharmacy, Royal Investigation Bureau and lot. All of them come with different style, creativity and color – Awesome.

The Costume

Full dressHanbook. the main dress for any korean historical drama series or movie. It just amazing on its own. Lot of colour, design and way the prepared it. The picture beside is taken from the drama series Dong Yi, show the best of Hanbok along with accessories.

It look beautiful, yet elegant showing respect for the wearer. The colour may change but never you see same colour combination usually the upper side of the dress will be lightly tone, which the skirt in opposite – like wise if opposite.




The Score

Unlike many Korea drama and series, there aren’t many flashy song and dances, but the song is quiet meaningful if you related the song to the story presented. This is why i sometime  often accidently drop my tear when there is sad scene – which is unusual for me! For example that i have here is  Onara from Dae Jang Guem and Buyonghwa as below:

So there you go the three most important aspect that i really love about korean historical drama. There are many more like subtle culture of respecting other, the desire to do something good, and lots more that mold together to make an amazing historical drama. And people often refer to it as  K-Pop if i mention i like this kind of drama. By the time when the first show was shown in Malaysia, not many were aware of korean culture before, only when that cute-cute fake clapping little girl show their move than the eye is open for them .

Okay, so dont compare my passion to the monstrosity which is K-Pop.  Totally different. I found more beauty in this kind of drama than the usual korean love drama that love to do those “im so cute” moment!! Which is fake and unnecessary. Tu jer pasa post nie. dont compare K-POP /Monster to this Beauty ok!!