Took a week off, to visit one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani – Lombok. During Aj Celebration, my friend talk about how beautiful Lombok is. They glorify how beautiful Lombok is compare to its neighbour island, Bali and even suggest that people would likely prefer Lombok. For one i wasn’t really care about it since i thought- at first – every places is the same in Indonesia. Probably different setting, but the same climate, the same people and some scenery. So i wasn’t really bother about it. That is after my mom bump me – forcing me to go to for a hiking expedition in Mount Rinjani which apparently as you might guess – located in – Lombok.

At first, i kinda feel a bit reluctant since it wasn’t really any different than any mountain that i climb before (not being arrogant or egoistic of any kind) – located in same equatorial plane as in Malaysia which means, it have all the things that Malaysia already have which an exception – that is – Rinjani has a baby- active Volcanos. So i google the picture or video about this mountain – and base on what i have found, i wasnt that bad.  But still, i do have a little scepticism about it to be honest. Throw the dice, got my answer . The trip is ON.

Rinjani as we approach Lombok International Airport

Mount Rinjani as we approach Lombok International Airport

5 hours later we arrive at the place, its was already dark when we arrive. We meet the guide – chat chat- they take us for quick Dinner and straight to the Rinjani base village. Can’t remember the name of the village thou, since so sleepy during the entire trip 😀 – Just on personal note – The road there is so.freaking.ANGKER!! After 3-4 hours drive, we arrive at our place. Fracking cool- Not icy cool thou, but i can see the mist of my breath! Quick nap since we need to start early next morning! The  next morning, well, i was…. overwhelm. ..


Sketch 2

Sketch 4Sketch 3

We walk to the nearest post to write our name and detail in case of emergency. Meet our guide, hijack some other hiker’s jeep and towards the first point of the hiking – can’t remember the name sorry 😛 . So after all the preparation is ready – potter, personal checking, water, lot of it – we head out at 1035am. All i got to say the sun is abit scorching during the day. Terbakar kulit koko-ku. But the scenery is so Gorgeous i almost forgot about the sun!

Sketch 6Sketch 5View 34
We stop around 2PM for out lunch. Dunno how far we have got, but the guide say we must get to the our campsite before 7pm or else it would be difficult as it will be dark and very cool. Like very cool 😀

Sketch 13After 10 Hours of walking, we finally arrive at our campsite for the night. Ermm arrive a bit late since my mama pancit fever 😛  in the middle of the ways. Change dry cloth, make camp – and dinner! Its a windy night btw. Need to knock off early since we need to start early on next morning. The guide say the best time is between 12-2am  since from the camp side to the summit take like 4 hours – so we can watch the sun rising up on the summit and all the glory – katanya . wake up at 1245am and start toward the summit at 125 am. We arrive at the summit approximately 1115am. yeah,apparently its more than 4 hours  for me- hahah 😀
TrekAnyways, i am so thrill that i got to the summit since  the last leg of the journey was really really really taxing on me – probably because of my weight. Energy ratio per distance is totally wasted due to loosely sand-rock trek (Left Pic)!! Its so insane put 2 step on it, i back down 5 step behind. I curse a lot during this time and gravity really hate me. What  suppose to be a 30 minute hike – i got it done under 1 hours and 25 minute!!!  I’m so mad at the trek, i ask my buddy to piss on it 😛 -tengok orang sebelah lol .

I got to say this is one of the best climbing i’ve done in ages. Beautiful view, awesome weather and amazing experience.

Summit 2Summit 34