It was a hot day, freaking hot.. but i got to see lot of big balloon. Excited!! but kinda disappointed a bit since i can’t get into the cool club area… Blurgh. (Didn’t know you have have to pay to get near to these precious balloon, let alone ride it.) Anyways, i have such an amazing days since they also having this food-gasm fiesta.. hence lot of cool dishes up for grab. AMAZING AYAM PENYET like seriously that good, and then not so amazing but sweet and delicious churros (haha main kasar), a lot of pasta food stall – to note a few -The fat duck thingy (Cheap – but so-so pasta), Wokit (simple yet tantalizing food – but not 24/7 available – have tea break time) and lot lot lot of coconut vendor – like coconut shake, coconut ice cream… coconut shake.. ice cream again. hahah

Anyways all in all it was a good-food hunt day and i kinda have a taste of everything that they have to offer.. not everything thou.. but almost. i didn’t go to the stall beside the ayam penyet one, since they produce lots of smoke.. lol. Alas here the shot of the day and hope i can get in next year to the “cool” kids club… if they have it next year. .. . if

Snob penguin - "Deal with it, B*** "

Snob penguin – “Deal with it, B*** “

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