Morning everyone. Hope you all have a great day ahead and remember to keep your smile always. Today i want to share some experiences of our short visit to Siem Reap, Cambodia with a little detour to Phnom Penh. At first we only want to visit Angkor Wat – the ancient building located somewhere in the forest, where no one even care until we saw it on Tomb Raider. However my mom want to tag along and from there on the plan keep changing – God know how much planning we had been doing. At first we want to go from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh to Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh and back all the way to Siem Reap in just under 4 day. Haa ahh right – like that gonna happen. Oh not to mention i only book my hotel room on the same morning we departure  – crazy. So here is our itinerary. Not that good, but i dare say its the best we can come out with.

Departure, 4th May 2015, 130PM

We were late. Like dead late. we arrive at the counter for our luggage at about 10 minute before the door close. #Marathon all the ways to gate. A few thanks for the staff there for giving us a ride at least. Who the frak design that freaking airport! — Bon voyage. Arrive at our destination at around  315 pm local time.


As soon as the door open, i can feel the gush of hot air rushing thru my face, and i don’t care. Thinking to myself its probably just an afternoon wind, until i make my first step exiting the plane – then i know – one does not simply walk in Cambodia. Its hot. Hot HOT. And no, i’m not bitching about it- Malaysia is hot too, its just different to me! – I ask the local about it and they said its normal – its the ending of the drought season before raining – Katenya

Anyways, since we don’t book any room today, we conclude our evening touring around Night market, Pub Street and visiting local village to get a taste of local food.

Night marketA few traditional food to note here including Fish Amok, Khmer Red Curry, Khmer beef marinated with herb bbq or kampungnya “Lembu naik bukit” and Log lag (I dunno whether i spell it right). I wish i could devour more, but since Khmer cuisine is mainly consists mixture of pork, the choice for me is somewhat limited. But hey we can still grab a few in a Muslim restaurant here -below Fish Amok and Marinated beef bbq. 😀

FoodAfter hour of continuous walking, we go to the nearby bus station to get our self a ticket to go south – Phnom Penh. My mom’s idea – she wish to go all the way to Vietnam – good luck with that. Bus arrive at 1030 pm and all the passenger go in.. bla bla! The bus took off at exactly 11PM as printed. Now that’s what i call efficiency. I wish i could say the same for my local bus operator.. but. non ado. okay, let sleep for this 8-9 hours journey, YES?. Nope its a no, its a bumpy ride all night long.. Haha syialll (Dalam hati)

Sleeper Bus

Day 2, 5th May 2015, 900AM

After check in at the local guesthouse, a good shower and bamm we back again on our feet lurking about around the capital city of Cambodia – Phnom Penh. Since we have a full day today until nightfall, we took all the chances we can get even it is ricking hot out here! – Still hot okay – Note a few – Wat Phnom, Phea Thmey, Royal Palace, Killing Field, Genocide Museum.

Phom WatPhnom PenhRoyal Palace

After day of walking, we return back to the bus station at 1030 to wait for our bus which will leave at 1100 pm. Oh yeah, i meet some lovely ladies over here as well. There doing long shoot – travelling from Vietnam all the way to Bangkok. Nice 😀 … anyways can’t sleep that much either – same bumpy road as last night –

Day 3, 6th May 2015, 915AM

Oddly enough we arrive early at Siem Reap, and since we can only check in at 2 pm – we decided to burn some of our fat by doing morning cycling and several sight seeing. We also took this opportunity to visit the Angkor Wat museum, local village before heading to the real event this evening. To be honest we really can’t wait for the main event that we cycle our self toward Angkor Wat just to find our self stop by the security guard guarding the scared places. But nice try thou. In the afternoon, get some chow and return back to take same nap – fracking tired to be honest. The weather is still HOT.

Main EventJump back on the road around 345 -ish pm to the ticketing counter for the Angkor Wat Pass.After several hours waiting, we manage to get the ticket to the enter the place. Camera set, tuk tuk ready, and the gate is open – we’re IN. Upon entering the vicinity of the Angkor Wat… well i’m kinda speechless. Place that have been there for century, untouched by weather  etc, ect . Simply put – Amazing

EntranceWhat left of the building already spark the excitement in me – so i’m kinda wonder, what it is like before. You know during the Golden Age of the Khmer empire. How is it like to stand in this place. Probably crowded, a lot of people selling stuff, coming about to pray for their deity and what amaze me that all of this is situated in the middle of the forest – Out of nowhere!! And it kinda peace here too.. mentally of course

Entrance 2

The place sadly close at 530 pm. While cam-whoring around the area, we been caught by the guard  to make haste toward main entrance since we are the only people at the back of the place and its already 528 pm. Well obviously we don’t care, i just walk out like “Prince Oberyn of House Martell” while being escorted by the King Guard to the exit. Oh my…. the feeling for this walk although short it may seem – is priceless to me!!

Arrive at town, grab something to eat. Shop a little and went straight to bed. Since tomorrow we will do the full day tours. 😀

Day 4, 7th May 2015, 554AM

Well, we kinda finish our last day on full day tour visiting Angkor Wat Sunrise, Bayon, Elephant Terrace, Sunset at some Mountain – yeah hiking is involve indirectly
Sunrise 2

tree2Bayon Bayon

Last Day, 8th May 2015, 635AM

Pack in – i think – since its damn mess in here. But then again who cares. Our Tuk Tuk pick up early to avoid any traffic jam and head directly to Siem Reap International Airport. All in all i think we did good this time. We grab all the times, we explore all the ruin, clear all the maze, have a taste what the local have the offer, and most important is that i got to do this with my mom… So yeah. 😀  Until next log. Booyaa


p/s:- Remember the one that i talk when we walk all the way back at the Angkor wat – that get escorted by the guards.. Well at least i got the chance to do my thing –  Shiiiit 😀