Challenge accepted and completed. K e K . Third Highest mountain in Malaysia, with elevation of 2180 m (7150 ft), situated in the Titiwangsa Mountains. We do the 2 days trip. Started at 935 am (10-10-2015)  and reach the Tudung periuk site (215 pm) and make camp – since it almost dark and already drizzling. Heavy rain follow soon after, temperature gradually drop as the sun set down. Got one major casualty from other expedition team – Serious cramp and early sign of hypothermia. Since he haven’t brought any dry cloth, sleeping bag – anything at all (they thought its a day trip) have to make a do of what we have to increase back his temperature to normal level. Go asleep as  soon after we have early dinner – Excellent rice dish from Along! Kudos. Back on our feet at exactly 345 am (11-10-2015), prepared to the second site ( Kasut Camp) and straight to the summit. Its fracking cold – kinda expected. Arrive at the summit at exactly 945 am . Yaaay – cloudy day so the view is okay. Not great but ok.

Descend after spending around 20-30 minute at the summit. No water for the whole trip – its fucking exhausting. Clear the camp site, and prepared to the first gate – Rimba Entry.


p/s – Oh on personal note