#GeeK #Mode #Activated. If you haven’t watch the fracking trailer yet, please do so, just a click on the above picture. Ohhhh myyy the shiver – ITS.SO.FRACKING.GOOD.OH-MAI.IM.LOSING-MY.MIND. What am i acting like a frak-up little baboon, you said? Its because it’s warcraft. I never felt so much hype since the the Star Trek Reboot by J.J Abrams. You have to understand – we as a gamer waiting this to coming up – in public – is like – waiting the world end. Blizzard Entertainment is well known for their snail like speed production – but you cant deny – they are fracking good at making cinematic. Take a look at a couple of their last game cinematic, then you understand me.  Waiting from 2006 – on and off with minor and major changes – a private screening of the teaser trailer only at Comic Con – Flag change from one director to another – when it finally come out, it like taking a shit after a long-shitty day. Enjoy.

p/s:- i will update about warcraft in the next post. Until then let me high first.