A couple of day i will leave – yet another year amazing year behind me. Its been amazing run – lot of colors, experience, memory and enjoyment. One that i will cherish it till th day i move on. However this year, its kinda special for me – Scifi Movie, with great man at the helm. What can possibly go wrong with this year closing. Star Wars: The Force Awaken will hit cinema worldwide on 17 Dec 2015. Not only that, its directed by one of my most admire director of all time – J.J Abrams.

I have been following all the buzz site, nothing so far for the narrative of this next epic installment of the galactic wars. They manage to keep the card close to their chest – which is really good. For that i’m not just thrill but stupidly addicted till i can’t actually wait for this fucking series.

Anyways, i dont have any new resolution for 2016, which i can’t think any simple think like this year. I will make another stupid, fun and impossible list and try to achieve it again i guess. Soo i guess time will be my judge. I too tired to even type. I will put in what to watch in the next post.

Until then,Toodle.