Its been a while since i open and look thru at this  little space of mine. Lots have been going on since last post.  I didn’t have time to sit, type and trying to look back at all the line of memory that i have been able to collect. Much have happen – including i might have to transfer to another server again since the i keep meeting my quota for my new interest, video and shit like that – however i fail to meet ads break point. And yeah i miss my Everest base camp attempt this year due to new job offer – little leave to begin with. I beginning to think that i’m curse – i can do anything but travel. After the India travel fiasco happen end of last year- that i failed to get going due to – i dunno – me being me. Quite disappointing to say the least. 

However, not of them bad for last couple of month. For once, i able to do my routine – ya know getting back on my feet and sweating like a cow!. I able to hike more often now. Camp more often now. Go and pamper myself with cold waterfall more often now. Go back home more often now. Be with my mother more often now. Less anger issue now.  So yeah… not much but still its something.

Not saying that i cant do it previously, just not that freely which i am right now. I do miss the old place sometime. Not the work thou – just the people, environment, things that happen and will remain there. Yeah may be i getting a bit sentimental and old. But that’s that . At my new place, i getting to know another group of people. Getting on board together. Able to work without the feeling of killing someone. So yeah.

Anyways…. enough about that. This year i not able to go anyways. But already make necessary plan so it wont happen again next year. Im gonna fill it next year like i use to! And btw, i think … that..  ok probably sleep time! /Doodle