"Only in the darkness can you see the stars."

— Martin Luther King Jr

I know i knew him just for a little while. A little while it might be, i just feel bad when something bad happen to people you knew. And although nothing much i can do...


Maze Challenge Asia

Yups.. im the runner!! Im so good that Thomas will think twice to even consider of being a runner! HOHO. Tu macam melebih ajo. Haha Anyways, Event ok, cume part obstacle macam sikit sangat, and...


Marvel Phase 3 Movie

Heck yeah. If only i be able to mingle among all those “Nerds” that attend the ceremony, it will make me happy for the entire years 😀  Anyways, since i never follow much of the...


Alahai Menantu, Festival Teater Kebangsaan 2014

'A' Class performance in Action

Berlangsung pada 26hb Oct 2014, bertempat di Auditorium Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur -Festival Theater Kebangsaan 2014. Memang meriah!! KTR dapat first show, so its kindda full house- It is. Dapat bertemu dengan kenalan2 lama, bertukar...


Log 10: Mount Rinjani, The Sky Kingdom

Took a week off, to visit one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani – Lombok. During Aj Celebration, my friend talk about how beautiful Lombok is. They glorify how beautiful Lombok is...


Hectic Month Indeed

Shit happen so fast! Got to be ready in a month mentally and bodily- training before big day, Road Tax payment for 3 user, Brother got accepted to School of witchcraft and wiza…. arrr...