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District 21

Visiting the District 21. First impression, kinda small compare to the price they gonna charges us. In here they having like 8 or 9 games i think – maybe. A couple of these game i...


Up in the Air

Putrajaya International Hot Air Ballon Fiesta 2015

It was a hot day, freaking hot.. but i got to see lot of big balloon. Excited!! but kinda disappointed a bit since i can’t get into the cool club area… Blurgh. (Didn’t know...


Pulang ke Rahmatullah

At 4.15 PM on 19 Feb 2015 in concurrent with 30 Rabiulakhir 1436, our beloved grandmother passed away… Semoga Roh di cucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yang soleh. Dikebumikan di kawasan perkeburan...


Maze Challenge Asia

Yups.. im the runner!! Im so good that Thomas will think twice to even consider of being a runner! HOHO. Tu macam melebih ajo. Haha Anyways, Event ok, cume part obstacle macam sikit sangat, and...