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2016 is a NERD year

Cant wait for all the great movie that will come out this year. Oh btw Happy belated new year to me. Too busy to even update one of the most memorable year of my...


District 21

Visiting the District 21. First impression, kinda small compare to the price they gonna charges us. In here they having like 8 or 9 games i think – maybe. A couple of these game i...


Up in the Air

Putrajaya International Hot Air Ballon Fiesta 2015

It was a hot day, freaking hot.. but i got to see lot of big balloon. Excited!! but kinda disappointed a bit since i can’t get into the cool club area… Blurgh. (Didn’t know...



Paragliding -Buat kat Bukit Jugra berdekatan Banting. Tempat smooth, angin consisten – ckap macam pro – tapi bile buat, terus terjunam sebab muatan terlebih kot. Ader la dalam 10m atas tu. Overal best, jom...