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Warcraft – The Beginning

Just an update, another trailer coming out yesterday or so. I got to say that is freaking amazing compare to the other shitty trailer that we been getting. I more interested in this trailer...


Warcraft – The Most Anticipated Movie !

#GeeK #Mode #Activated. If you haven’t watch the fracking trailer yet, please do so, just a click on the above picture. Ohhhh myyy the shiver – ITS.SO.FRACKING.GOOD.OH-MAI.IM.LOSING-MY.MIND. What am i acting like a frak-up...


WOW: Draenor Cinematic

Yaay. Cinematic yang ditunggu2. Lagi2 dari Blizzard for sure awesooooooooome! Nampak gaya history change thanks to Garrosh. Masa post ni disiarkan, takder lagi link youtube. If not bole linkkan. But can search more if...


Random #23

World of Warcraft

Just recollection of World of Warcraft figure -ngah bosan –