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Random #26 – Yaaay Batu Pahat

Jam 215 tengahari selamat la dua memperlai menjamu selera dengan lahapnya  di bawah khemah bunga bunga-an. Im terible at writing – I know it, so shut it. Makanan top kat sini!!!. Siyes sedap. Nenas masak...


G7: Yong Belar, The Mystical Mountain

Challenge accepted and completed. K e K . Third Highest mountain in Malaysia, with elevation of 2180 m (7150 ft), situated in the Titiwangsa Mountains. We do the 2 days trip. Started at 935 am...


Log 11 – Siem Reap, Travel back in time

Morning everyone. Hope you all have a great day ahead and remember to keep your smile always. Today i want to share some experiences of our short visit to Siem Reap, Cambodia with a little detour...


Up in the Air

Putrajaya International Hot Air Ballon Fiesta 2015

It was a hot day, freaking hot.. but i got to see lot of big balloon. Excited!! but kinda disappointed a bit since i can’t get into the cool club area… Blurgh. (Didn’t know...


Pulang ke Rahmatullah

At 4.15 PM on 19 Feb 2015 in concurrent with 30 Rabiulakhir 1436, our beloved grandmother passed away… Semoga Roh di cucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yang soleh. Dikebumikan di kawasan perkeburan...


Maze Challenge Asia

Yups.. im the runner!! Im so good that Thomas will think twice to even consider of being a runner! HOHO. Tu macam melebih ajo. Haha Anyways, Event ok, cume part obstacle macam sikit sangat, and...